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Kaitlyn has worked in the bar and restaurant industry for 19 years. After completing her Masters in the Health Care Field, she realized where her heart and true passion is, behind the bar. She absolutely loves the relationships she has built with her customers over the years, and goes above and beyond to provide the best service.  Kaitlyn has always wanted to own her own business, and one day was inspired to create her own Mobile Bar Company. With great knowledge of drink creations and quality customer service, Nuzzi's Tin Tavern will be a one-of-a-kind experience for your next event.



Curating beautiful and delicious drinks is our "forte"! Upon booking our services, you get full access to our Spring/Summer/Fall Signature Drink list. Nuzzi's Tin Tavern will guide you on signature drink recommendations as well as build a curated shopping list tailored to your guest count!

Our Mobile Bar and Satellite Bar include our beautiful decor, however, if interested in using your own decor, you have that option as well! 

Photo Credit: Shot by DNA

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